Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.~William Wordsworth

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~ Museum of Memories ~

An antique lamp, Grandma’s rocking chair, Grandpa’s pipe

Old record albums, old photographs, scrapbooks

matchbox cars, Barbie dolls, baseball cards

Report cards, yearbooks, diplomas

Love letters, saved dried flowers, wedding gown

Baby crib, stroller, car seat

Bibs, onesies, “Blankie”

First shoes, first suit, first bra

Forgotten toys, favorite bedtime story, that “special” bear

First catcher’s mitt, Star Wars figures, Pokemon cards

Soccer cleats, scout uniform, basketball trophy

Clay bunny, popsicle stick flowers, school valentines

U.S. President report, science project remnants, award winning poem

Prom memorabilia, graduation cap, diploma

Plastic Jack-O-Lantern, Christmas ornaments, Easter baskets

Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, congrats cards

Beach umbrella, sand chairs, seashells

Air mattress, sleeping bags, suitcases

Old television, bookshelves, that bench to refinish

Newer ‘old’ furniture for new beginnings

Lots of old, nothing new, forgot it was borrowed, and yes the giant bunny is blue!

All stacked and packed in boxes,

Tucked away for storage,

Filled with smiles and tears, happiness and sadness.

~ Museum of Memories ~


                                                                          N. Elaine ©2010